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The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is defined as the active and voluntary contribution to improving social, economic and environmental issues by companies, usually with the aim of improving their competitive position, value position and their value added.


We aim to be a company committed to CSR to all our stakeholders.

playground of kindergarten   Sixta Tulia Cabal  kindergarten


Thinking about the quality of life and well-being of its workers and the community, Industrias de Envases S.A., has a library, Musicoteca, nursery and room systems, plus a group of workers in their passion for music, they have conformed Tropical IE Orchestra, which is sponsored by our company.


kindergarten children
Juan N. Mejía Library

Juan N. Mejía Library

Tropical IE Orchestra


Industrias de Envases S.A., made the novena annual Christmas where benefit approximately two thousand children between the children of workers and disadvantaged children in the city of Palmira.

Novena of Christmas


We are linked to the educational project "Twenty-First Century Leaders"
The educational institutions Cardenas Centro and Nuestra señora del Palmar, Palmira municipality, have a corporate backing by our company since the year 2008, to advance its implementation processes of quality management system. We are committed to improving the education of our community!


We are working for a better Colombia!!!

Our company is involved in structuring and developing the regional system of Social Responsibility for the Valle del Cauca, work that is underway in conjunction with 52 other companies, industry leaders in Valle del Cauca, to the accompaniment of Comfandi and guidance and consultancy of the Chilean company Axis RSE.



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